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Zhucheng Qingrun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the environmental protection industry, specializing in the scientific and technological progress of environmental resources. Qingrun environmental protection equipment integrates the advanced sewage treatment technologies of China, Germany and the United States, and is especially good at the treatment of difficult wastewater. Its main products include buried sewage treatment equipment, medical wastewater treatment equipment, sludge dewatering equipment, filtering machinery, garbage incinerator, ammonia nitrogen stripping tower, aerator, filter press, air flotation machine, decanter, slaughterhouse sewage and papermaking wastewater , food wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater and other industrial wastewater treatment equipment, Qingrun machinery always adheres to the design concept of science and technology, environmental protection, green and energy saving. While creating social benefits and environmental benefits, it also creates huge economic benefits for customers because it relieves the environmental problems of customers.
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Soybean Dregs Dewatering Equipment price

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